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Services We Offer

FHSS are equipped to provide various services for people who wish to remain in their own homes. These services include government funded CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Program) and HCP (Home Care Packages – Levels 1-4)

We are also able to provide interim private services to top up any of the government funded services, or if you find you are not eligible for funded services or simply do not want to wait for funded services .


Government sourced funding may be available to you through "My Aged Care" via the internet

or call 1800 200 422


If you need help you can call in or phone us and we can step you through the process. If you have never used My Aged Care it can sometimes be quite daunting and confusing ……..we’re here to help!

FHSS provide a client focused service and match client needs to services and carers We use a 5 step process of:

  1. First Contact
    FHSS will establish what you require and help steer you down the correct pathway.
  2. Service Planning
    Services are planned regarding client needs and initial frequency required.
  3. Care Service Provision
    Qualified staff are matched to the client and services are rostered as soon as possible.
  4. Client Reviews
     Coordinators review needs and manages services for each individual client, at regular planned intervals.
  5. Quality Checks
     The office staff call clients randomly to ensure that they are happy with their services and the carer.


We can help you to make informed choices for in-home care, regarding:

Home Care Packages (HCP)

FHSS is able to manage Home Care Packages completely or just provide services if the client or their family choose to manage their own package. If you are unclear about Home Care Packages and require more information you can call us on 8336 6637 to arrange a face to face meeting either at our office or in your home. We can provide you with clarity about how the Home Care Package will work in relation to your own situation.


Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)

FHSS can provide Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) funded low care services, for people over 65 years old, in most Adelaide metro areas, subject to funding availability. Please contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 to find out if you are eligible for CHSP funding. A co-payment is required for CHSP funded services.