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Our Ethos

Our Mission

To ensure Family Home Support Services provides optimum care for our clients, and ensures continuity will be provided to our clients within the comfort of their own home.

Our Philosophy

Family Home Support Services offers a needs-specific service, to aid in maintaining our clients’ independence at home. We believe this allows our clients to remain in control of their lifestyle, and the environment in which they live in, whilst being provided with the care needed to undertake this.

We strive to deliver services which aid in the improvement of health and restoration of independence of our clients, who have suffered a decline in their well-being as a result of being affected by injury or illness, or simply becoming part of our active ageing population.

Our Vision

Family Home Support Services endeavours to provide an all-encompassing health care service to our ageing population, with a strong focus on equipping them with the necessary means to remain reasonably independent while living at home.

We aim to achieve our vision through providing co-ordination of services with all concerned, and ensuring our clients gain the right level of assistance tailored to their specific, and changing, needs.

Family Home Support Services pride ourselves on offering services which aim to restore best possible health and well-being through informed choice, which falls in line with our commitment to ‘Best Practice’ standards.